Louisiana LSBHI Renews InterNACHI as an ONLINE Pre-Licensing and CE Course Provider

Louisiana LSBHI Renews InterNACHI’s Approval as an ONLINE Pre-Licensing and CE Course Provider.

Louisiana is a great state to work with.

Agreed! If you are a.school, they are great!

I have stayed 3 years in Louisiana and I must admit that it is one of the best places to live on. Education and schooling system is also good. Go for it.

Not if you’re an insurance provider…

If your unhappy here I am sure there are plenty of other providers who would love to write some policies here…

and exactly why is it so bad to write policies for an insurance provider in Louisiana?

Louisiana, along with some other states, have higher claims activity.

Yep, and we all know what diploma mill association generates the most claims per inspection. And Ben, don’t say that claims per inspection are the same for all associations because I have the raw claims data.

No you don’t. But I do…