Louisiana proposed legislation to force home inspectors to test for mold.

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                           NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, pursuant to LSA-R.S. 42:7 (A), that

the Louisiana State Board of Home Inspectors (the “Board”), within the Office of the Governor, State of Louisiana, at the call of the Chairman, shall convene a special meeting at 9:00 AM, Tuesday, April 8, 2014, in the Offices of the Louisiana State Board of Home Inspectors 4664 Jamestown Ave. Suite 220 Baton Rouge LA 70808. The agenda of such meeting shall be as annexed hereto.

Morgan Spinosa
Chief Operating Officer
Louisiana State Board of Home Inspectors
225-248-1334 office
225-268-1255 cell
225-248-1335 fax



TUESDAY, APRIL 8, 2014 @ 9:00 a.m.



                **Open Session**

I. Call meeting to order, welcome guests, Pledge of Allegiance, Roll call of Board Members present
II. Discuss SB66 – Home Inspectors and Mold

Molds are everywhere, and vital to the breakdown of natural resources in the earth, soil, and air of our planet. Some people are allergic to mold; most are not. Some are allergic to diary, peanuts, etc. Most are not.

I wonder what numbers/results/mold types of tests will be the threshold for mitigation of homes for mold. Currently, there are no national, state, or local figures/types to say what the limits are, such as there are for radon.

They are opening up a huge can of worms for themselves, and home inspectors.

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God help Louisiana inspectors and anyone buying or selling a house in that State. Mold will get called out in 99.9% of inspections now.

And that article was full of bad and just wrong information.


From: “Morgan Spinosa” <morgan@lsbhi.la.gov>
Date: March 19, 2014 at 3:05:37 PM CDT
To: “Morgan Spinosa” <morgan@lsbhi.la.gov>
Subject: URGENT SB 66 Home Inspectors

Home Inspectors,

Please read the attached Senate Bill No. 66. This bill was proposed by Senator Mills.

The State Senate, through Sen. Mills, requested that the Board study applicable Laws and rules to determine whether amendments are necessary address whether LHIs should report on mold and environmental hazards and whether they should report on the life expectancy of systems and components. The LSBHI made a comparison with the laws of other states and found that Louisiana was in line with all other states in not requiring reporting of the above. The Board concluded that to require LHIs to report on mold and life expectancy would be impractical and not in line with national standards. See below

Senate Request:

Board Response

Despite the Board’s response, Sen. Mills, in SB 66 proposed the requirement that LHIs must inspect for and report on mold.

At this time, SB66 has not been set for Committee Hearing. When it is set, I will notify all LHIs as to the date, time and place to have as many of you as possible make a showing at the hearing to defeat this bill.

I am unaware of any E&O insurance policy that does not exclude mold or other environmental hazards. This could be quite a problem in the event of a suit since home inspectors would face personal liability for damages and even personal injury claims from mold.

Please take a moment to contact your Senators and Congressional Representatives regarding this issue. We need as many HI’s to be present for the committee meeting to help get this defeated.


Morgan Spinosa
Chief Operating Officer
Louisiana State Board of Home Inspectors
225-248-1334 office
225-268-1255 cell
225-248-1335 fax

Sen. Mills must have had mold in his own home at some point, and is using his clout to get back at someone.

How can you create a law that has no parameters for testing, or polices or standards for policing or reporting?

Perhaps there is someone that has an interest in gaining revenue from mold classes. I think it will be 100%. Sad for the home owners and home buyers, who will pay considerable moneys to get testing and mitigation. Even if the home was tested and mitigated for any type of mold, it can, and will, return.

Mold is the largest bio-mass on earth.
It does have it’s place outdoors, but not inside with elevated air levels or visual growth that has colonized, like a black patch on the drywall.

I don’t think the state will require that all properties inspected must have mold sampling also.
If they do require it as part of a home inspection, fine for me as a licensed assessor, but it would not be within the national standard.
If so, air sampling may be OK still, but the additional consumer cost of sampling would not be fair, although it may make me consider moving from Florida to LA.
There would be $250 - 375 easy for air sampling added to the order.