Louisiana: Revised Home Warranty Requirements

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(August 11, 2004) – A new Louisiana law effectively reduces builders’ home warranties on major structural components of a new home. Known as The Home Warranty Act, H.B. 401 reduces the amount of time that homeowners have to get structural defects corrected under their new home warranties from seven to five years. The new law goes into effect in August 2004.

Norman Morris, senior vice president for the Louisiana Association of REALTORS?, says home builders and their associations backed the bill. After reviewing the issue, Morris says LAR decided to support the bill, despite the fact that it reduces consumers' window of opportunity for filing warranty claims.

"There was some discussion on both sides of the issue, but ultimately our volunteer membership and legislative team decided to support the bill," says Morris. "It brings Louisiana's home warranty period in line with other southern states."

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That is garbage. It should be 10 years across the country. Five years for major structural defects. Unbelieveable!

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