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My name is Jeff Shavitz and I’m friends with Nick Gromicko who suggested I post on the message board to receive input from InterNACHI members. We recently introduced ToolBox, a mobile back office solution for home inspectors and contractors. We are developing an Advisory Board and would appreciate any feedback. If interested, please let me know - my contact info is 201-245-4545 and email is; website is Thanks.

Afternoon, Jeff.
Hope this post finds you well.

Please explain further.
Will the board be a voluntary group formed to give advice and support?
If so, support whom and to/at what capacity.

Jeff is building a way to run your entire business from your iPhone.

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Shouldn’t this be in the Vendor section??


I’ll pass. Thanks


What’s the difference between this and Square? Other than you’re charging a monthly fee.


So what are the additional credit card fees? $9.99 per month Plus CC fees??

$9.99 mo

Subscription includes all
features except credit card

The difference is clients are familiar with Square and don’t mind sticking their card in that reader. Square didn’t charge a monthly screw ya fee either.


Fees & FULLY understanding them is the most important thing to your potential users. Ease of use for the contractor & also their client is second. Many merchants display pricing, however, that is usually just a scratch of the surface to the different fees that will actually creep up on a monthly statement, so I will ask some questions about fees & charges that others may not know to ask.

•Are your two displayed fees “flat rate” or will the rate be subject to the interchange rate?
•Is there a batch fee?
•Are there different tiers or rates for accepting rewards or corporate cards?
•Fixed Aquirer Network Fee?
•Network Access Fee?
•Does this service require a separately charged gateway (e.g. to send invoicing in an email link?
•What is the charge back rate?
•Is there a PCI and/or non-PCI compliance fee?
•Statement fee?

I recently checked square again to see if they are fit for me & they were too high. Their advertised rate is less than yours, however, at 2.9% +.10
I use a merchant processor, with many different fees that have to be negotiated (newbies beware) & as my payment gateway. Clients pay via payment link emailed or texted to them. I don’t fiddle with card readers & swiping. My gross average processing (e.g. all fees associated) is 2.7% on an average of $10,000/month processed.


Great questions Brandon, thanks.

Thanks very much for your feedback.

You are correct in that so many companies charge “hidden fees” and the lower advertised rate truly never happens.

Thanks again,

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Brandon –

Might you have a few minutes to talk this week – I had a few follow up questions – thanks very much,


Sure thing! Give me a call tomorrow afternoon or Saturday/Sunday. Best times to catch me free the next few days.

Great. What is your number. Thanks

Jeffrey Shavitz201-245-4545

It & my email are also in my signature.