Low Lying area?

Hey guys, I usually get online and stalk the houses I’ve got coming up, and I’ve gotta inspect this one Thursday. Looks like it sits pretty low and could be subjected to flooding. I’ve attached a couple pics of the landscaping relative to the house. Opinions please? Thanks.



grading toward the house will cause water runoff to flow toward the structure.

I can not see from the pictures if there are adequate swells that would direct the water away from the structure.

look for signs of
past water issues in the basement
swells near the house that direct water away
test for moisture in the basement

Camera lenses are different, along with sunshine, can distort what you are seeing. Note it, and look when you get there.

Thanks guys

Is there a creek or drainage ditch near by?

Not that I’m aware of. I was just saying the pics on the Internet and it looked to me like the grade slopes toward the house

Tear down and rebuild on big hill or car jacks on all four corners…

Or you could take the approach I recently ran into and dump a bunch of gravel along the exterior and up the siding material of the house. How some people make money is beyond me…