Low water cut off

Hi guys
I am doing a inspection tomorrow and it has hot water heat. I Don’t come across boilers to often. I was wondering why some boilers have a low water cut-off and some don’t can you help

Jeff , they all need them.


Thanks Bob I had read somewher that they were not required on all boilers. I was pretty sure that was misleading info.
Thanks again Bob

The low water cutoffs aren’t standard on most boilers, but an option, and is frequently overlooked. It makes sense to me to have them. There should be two of them due to corrosion and binding as they age. The should also be flushed semi-annualy.

YES. The International Mechanical Code was modified in 1996 to state that ALL hot water boilers are to "… be protected with a low water cut-off control.” Plus, many boiler manufacturers stipulate that cut-offs are to be routinely installed, especially if radiation is installed below the level of the boiler.