Low water usage shower head - squirts

Inspection of new house the other day that had new ‘special’ low water usage shower heads from San Antonio Water Authority.

There was a pinhole in the connector from the shower head to the supply pipe and it squirted water on the wall each time water was turned on. (2 different shower heads)

I’m sure it was designed with pinhole, maybe pinhole needs to be turned toward shower surround, not sidewall ? ?

Anyone else seen these?

I’m not sure I understand Linda. Do you have a picture?

Los Angeles requires low-flow fixtures, so most of what I inspect, includes low-flow shower heads, toilets, etc. I’ve never seen one with a “pin-hole” in the side unless it was defective.

I don’t have a picture. The same type shower head was in two separate baths - and they both had pinhole and water squirt to side.

Possible air gap feature, turned to side instead of down ??

Also, it squirted as water first came on, but quit once the flow was established.

Sounds like maybe the head has a vacuum breaker built into it, and it piss’s out a little stream until the shower riser pipe fills up with pressure in a second or two.