Lower gas prices ahead?

I hope you are all enjoying the lower gas prices after an expensive summer driving season. Regular can be had for $2.07 in Minnesota which is nearby for me.

gas (Small).jpg

What are typical prices in your area?

I heard on the evening news tonight that prices are expected to contiue to fall through the end of this year. Yeah!:D:D:D:D:D:D:D


I saw gas at 1.98 in Houston Tx a few days ago.

It goes up to about 2.11 here in East Tx.


$ 2.27


Just paid 2.14

I guess I win! Only thing I’ve ever won. Too bad it’s the highest gas prices.:frowning:


No, wait…that’s for a quart of milk…gasoline is $2.179…:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

…fuel oil is much higher.:o :o

I almost fainted Jae…that’s not nice… :wink:

$2.09 this morning

$2.24 this afternoon

same station :roll:

Was $2.05 last week

It is going up? :frowning:

3.05 for premium here. Don’t drive far!

2.42 at the local indian reserve outside of Niagara Falls N.Y.