lower temp reading at shower

In the house, the shower temp was approx 90 degrees. The rest of the fixtures of the house were 120 degrees. It’s a Delta brand control valve. I’m thinking it’s something to do with the installation of the control cartridge assembly. Any thoughts on what was causing it?

The seller said it works sometimes and not other times.

Thank you in advance.

Seems like the seller answered your question.

Pressure balancing valve or thermostatic mixing valve with a bad cartridge (or misadjusted).


Clogged or stuck cartridge. See it often in homes where showers do not get used often. Write it up, let the buyer decide what to do.

Anti-scald valve.

It’s a limiter for hot water, at the mixing valve.

Way beyond the scope of an inspection. I just installed a new shower, first thing I did was I took it apart and threw that sucker in the trash.

I love me a hot shower!!