Lowe's Drywall Settlement

I have a potential client that needs a Chinese drywall inspection. Please see attached PDF from lowes. Basically she bought the stuff installed it, realized what she had tore most of it out and now before Lowes will compensate her they want her to prove she had chinese drywall. If your interested in this job and your in or around the St. Louis area call or email me.

If it was only installed for a short time, she is probably S.O.L. as the requirements for the claim to be valid may not yet exist.

She could prove if it’s defective drywall with samples (if still available) sent to a lab- not having had a test accomplished myself I can’t be sure if the cost of the test and the hassle with lowes would be worth it without extensive damage especially if she did the work herself-
Google “lab test for chinese drywall”

There were only a handful of manufacture’s that sold contaminated Chinese drywall. I haven’t heard of anyone else suing Lowe’s for contaminated drywall. Is she the only one? Don’t bother.