Lowe's ordered to pay 1.6 million because 2X4s aren't 2" X 4".


Sometimes you just do not know what to say.

Just goes to show you that slime balls will sue someone if they think their lazy as s can get some free money

That is F***king off the wall crooked and assinine.

The frigging 2x4 hasn’t been a 2x4 for a Decade, since they started planing rough lumber.

What is this Country coming to.?

More like 50+ years since I’ve seen a true 2x4.


From above link:

" In 1961, at a meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona, the Committee on Grade Simplification and Standardization agreed to what is now the current U.S. standard: in part, the dressed size of a 1 inch (nominal) board was fixed at 3⁄4 inch; while the dressed size of 2 inch (nominal) lumber was reduced from 1 5⁄8 inch to the now standard 1 1⁄2 inch.

from “History of Yard Lumber Size Standards”, Sept 1964 by Forest Products Laboratory,
Forest Service, U. S. Department of Agriculture "

As asinine as it is, the suit is about the way Lowe’s presented it. They didn’t say that 2" x 4" is a nominal size. They represented it as actual. I wonder why the suit didn’t extend to all of the dimensional lumber on the shelves.

And a 6 inch sub is no longer a 6 inch sub. A home inspection is not the right size either. One squeaky wheel always gets the grease. These days, you have to please the one; to heck with the other 300 million.

I am going to sue Captain Crunch because I noticed my box wasn’t full this morning. #Pissed

If you have money and a crooked lawyer, you probably would win the case. :slight_smile:

In this case the asinine complainants and profiteers were four California counties, not members of the general public. Of course it was done under the guise of protecting the public.

Now you can bet that every label on every product will carry duplicate dimensions and disclaimers along with all the other goofy CA warning labels.

Way to drive business out of state CA!

LOL, Jeff. Sad how clueless and moronic our society has become. It is all about attorneys extorting money from clients on either side.

No matter who is in political office, vote them out. That is real change.

Pathetic, and not only the people who sued but also for the judge awarding them in the lawsuit. It’s cases & judgements like this that have screwed up our judicial system.

biting my tongue kevy. :wink:

Never seen you tongue tied before, so why stop now.?

I guess the next thing they will do is sue the architects for the 2x4’s on their drawings. Maybe they should sue the building department for allowing 2x4’s that are not really 2x4’s in the approved construction. I can go on… just saying.

I think the suit was right on. You cant sell a product as one size when in fact its another. Most people outside of building trades most likely have no idea a 2x4 really is s 1.5 by 3.5

You can’t be serious. This is just another example of how screwed up our court system is.

If you don’t know the actual size of dressed lumber, then you should not be buying it.:cool:

True example of how litigious WE have allowed our society to become:
We have an entire society that believes they aren’t responsible for their mistakes and if they aren’t responsible, then someone else is and should pay.

UNFRIGGEN-BELIEVEABLE but unfortunately not surprising … too bad we can’t vote CA out of the US.

You can’t be serious about that. It is time some acknowledge their ignorance to their surroundings and live up to it.

A 2"x4" has not been a full 2x4 since the 1930’s or more.

I wonder if they will sue their mechanic ounce they find out that their car uses 5 quarts instead of 4.