LP Sidding issue

Here in the northwest there are many homes sidded years ago with LP sidding. My quandry, is that on a recent house, the sidding is definately failing. It is unknown if current home owner particpated in the recall, but it is my suspission tht they may have, did not use the settlement to replace (probably a big screen TV was more important at the time)

How would you report this problem, its been a big issue up here. Be honest, report it, and let the chips fall as???

Also, LP did come out with a new and “improved” sidding. How does one tell the difference, and should you inform the customer that there could be a future problem with this type of sidding?

Would appreciste anyone insight, as I don’t want to get sued!!!

Steve Meyer
Washington State

PS: Had this on my house and replaced it years ago with Hardy sidding!!!

Reporting the present condition of the house is your job, no?


Louisiana-Pacific Innerseal Siding:
The Class action is over.

**[size=3]Since 1985, L-P has manufactured exterior lap and panel siding, soffit, facia, and trim. **[/size]
**[/size]The class action was open to anybody with this siding on their homes that was installed prior to 1/1/96 and that siding is damaged or becomes damaged prior to 1/1/2003, and did not “opt out” during the “opt out” period. You can no longer file a claim with the L-P Settlement Administrators at 1-800-245-2722
**This Class action was initiated in 1996 and was on going through the year 2002. It is over now. The siding is currently under its original 25 year warranty . If you have damage and need to file a warranty claim call1-877-677-6722 to get the warranty claim form.

This siding is now under its original 25 year warranty

Remember, siding put on in 1980 has just past its warranty period this year: 2005

The L-P Innerseal warranty claim number to call is: 1-877-677-672

Visit L-P’s current web page click here:http://www.sidingsolutions.com/images/purblk.gif http://www.lpcorp.com/

For help with Louisiana Pacific Siding installed after January 1, 1996
call L-P’s toll free number 1-800-648-6893 for Customer Service

Joseph is correct. The lawsuit is over. I had this stuff on my house but never took any action toward the company because mine only failed in a couple of places and I did not feel like waiting for them to send their inspector out, for it to go through all the hoops. I simply replaced those areas with Hardi plank as it is a great match. The pattern can be recognized by a very distinctive “knot” pattern on the siding. The LP siding was really a piece of crap and thousands of homes have it on them. Most of mine was on the gables and one section along the patio and the chimney chase. Any area that get splashing action i.e. along the bottom courses is the most susceptible to damage. Around nails and lawn sprinklers. The doofus that thought up this as a siding should have had to eat a couple yards of it.

The class action suit may be over but there was still a warranty on most of this siding that could still be in effect. I am not sure if the warranty is still valid if the owner took a settlement check. My guess is they would have waived the warranty in order to receive the check.

Had a whole subdivision of failed LP last year. Most had “fruiting bodies” and were in very poor shape.