Luckily I just noticed something from yesterdays images

I was just about done with my blog about yesterdays event when I noticed something. No, it wasn’t intentional. It’s not that bad but I’m still glad I didn’t post it on my blog.



But posting it on this message board is OK with you?

No one will likely see it on your blog, but they will likely come across it here…

Because of the likes of you:

ITC class orentation (day 1):
1/ No taking pictures of people in the class, their home country may not know they are here…

2/ No taking IR scans of anyone inn the class, there have been complaints.

Just because TSA gets to do it, it’s not OK for you…

Very unprofessional, IMHO.

Small tits?

Folks, if I honestly didn’t want or was worried about anybody seeing the images than I can assure you I especially wouldn’t have posted them on this place.

It’s 2 infrared images that just happened to show the infrared thermal pattern of a sports-bra undergarment. Whoopty freaking doo!! I don’t believe I even know any women who would be offended by something so minuscule. No, I didn’t care to have them as images used while advertising equine thermography but they do portray a legitimate example of the capabilities of thermal imaging.

Undergarments are VERY VERY popular in Utah due the the Mormon faith. When we do our booth at home shows/expos and everybody sees themselves in infrared on a 50’’ monitor, most folks including women think it’s neat how the cameras can actually detect undergarments.

I guess if you seek than I suppose you could find some fault but whatever.

Guess this shows how in tune you are with the “folks”!

Salt Lake don’t care about TSA scans?

I’ll beg to differ.

Unless this is your wife, I can’t say that she would like me putting her on the bill board in the town square !?

As Peter stated, professional, this is NOT…

Just because you don’t have any morals, why do you assume no one else in this “world” does?

Try pulling your head out of your *** and take a look around sometime. You may find it “refeshing”.

Yes they are, and augmented…

Want to show off your Junk Brandon?
I’m sure you wouldn’t mind, your all for merit badges anyway.


Why do you just keep on and on trying to create UN-necessary drama and arguments going between us? I’ve apologized to you several times for whatever way I may have possibly offended you and I do my absolute best to stay clear from you. I’ve tried to be the better man numerous times now yet you continually attack me at every chance you get and now you want to talk about my morals?

Accepting others opinion vs. getting angry and trying to degrade them seems like the professional thing to do in my opinion.

I sometimes can’t help but wondering if you are dealing with some alcohol issues. I mean that in no dis-respect but when going back and reading some of your posts you’ve made towards me, you can clearly tell something is affecting your judgment.

Just like in this post. You state that I must not know my people and are referring to the State of Utah and TSA thermal scans. Yes, our governor didn’t allow them to put a TSA body imager in the SLC airport but your comparing apples to oranges and have taken something very simple and made it into something completely ridiculous.

Are you not aware of the ENORMOUS difference between a TSA body imaging device and a home inspection camera? You take things so far out of context either fueled by anger or alcohol that you lose site of the actual situation.

Posted on the town square bill board? Are you serious? Are you REALLY just that upset because of these two images or are you just trying once again(for the 20th+ time) to attack me since you think you have a tiny little bit of ground to stand on?

Because it is my opinion, just like everyone else has here…

Just that my opinion had to to with the subject matter at hand, not the government and sexual orentation…

All I can tell you is what the hell I have come across in my travels.
This is NOT ACCEPTABLE in some other peoples eyes. And, your actions reflect on me and those in this profession.

Alcohol issues? Your the one that can’t see frigging reality.

People don’t like the TSA invading their space. Get it? Are you so lame you don’t know this? No it’s not the same, but it is the same…
Wake up dumb ***.

This is not about me, it’s about YOU!

I don’t make this stuff up. You just come up with it.

If that was my niece that lives and shows horses in Salt Lake, I’d stick that camera up your *** (after I pulled your head out of it).

Your serious, right?
You have no clue?

You are invading the privacy of the community and you don’t have a clue!

Yea, this is just a big conspiracy all about YOU! You wish.

You are just a moron.

And you think I’m trying to just make myself look better at your expense?

Your a legend in your own screwed up mind.

This web site is bigger than your blog and bigger than the billboard in your home town. You post in the public view with no restraint. I hope this woman finds you and sues your *** into non-existence.

I don’t think anyone here wants their wife or girlfriend exploited like you did here.
What the **** was the purpose of your post?
Answer that. Or just pull a John McKenna and ask me a bunch of stupid assed questions and show what a stupid **** you really are.

Can anyone even tell who the girl is?

No but i think that is Sean standing beside her Opps no thats the horse

I do have certain parts that are of horse size…:wink:

You win David! This non-recognizable girl that shows a normal thermal pattern suitable for a child to see has been exploited to the fullest. Ohh no, I’m going to be sued until I don’t exist…

I’m sorry I haven’t reached your level of professionalism.

Just let it go. It’s over


You might want to consider taking down the post. These days it doesn’t take much to get sued, especially for this type of stuff. It also potentially puts Nick at risk.


How can anyone get sued? You can’t even prove who it is!

Wow, did this little post get blown out of proportion.

I guess to each his own. But I see nothing wrong with what he did at all. Its a thermal picture of a girl and her bra is showing on the TI picture.

I was embarrassed and disgusted. Why are we the largest home inspection association promoting large bras and small breasts.

What ever happened to thongs and huge XXXXXXX

Let me see the beef OR don’t waste valuable time on our site.

Haven’t been to the “Last one to reply” thread lately, have you? :twisted::mrgreen:

I’ve already contemplated removing them but unfortunately and just like in another 6-7 threads where I was a victim of Mr. A’s professionalism, I have to leave it alone to have some degree of defense against the things that were said.

If I thought I had any chance in the world of actually identifying this person than I wouldn’t hesitate trying to contact her. I’d be interested to see if she could even identify herself. The images came from a huge(250+ horses) 3-day horsing event with folks coming in from 5-6 different States. I’d do just as well picking some random girl and convincing her the image was of her before actually being able to match these thermal images to the correct person.

How the word “sue” even made it’s way into this thread is beyond me. Nothing was done with any malicious intent nor do these images contain any form of exploitation. I can see and tell you far more detail about a female from a regular digital picture than I ever could with these. It’s not like this poor random girl had details exposed about her that were not already obvious.

What would I be sued for? What exactly was exploited when there’s less information in the images than what every person see’s when looking at her. You can’t identify her face, her aprox age, her skin color, her hair color, her eye color, etc… You can confirm there is a normal heat pattern indicating the likely-hood of it being a female. That’s not more but even less informative than an actual shape which can be exploited by the human eye.

I was trying to get a blog out before Sunday school this morning and found the images to be a bit humorous just for the simple fact that I didn’t see the silly little pattern while taking them. I also checked the forum just before leaving and posted the images as nothing more than passing along something that made me smile.

Had Mr. Anderson or any fellow InterNachi member kindly contacted me making me aware of how the images offended them, I would have immediately removed them and been respectful about it. I’ve said this numerous times now but it’s a waste of my time. Supposedly when your a professional, you just continuously belittle, and degrade your fellow InterNachi members in public should you ever disagree.

I don’t have a dog in this fight so my comments are from an outside perspective.

The majority of horse owners that partake in “shows” or clinics are women. Except for cutting and reining, women far outnumber men in participation in jumping, Western/English pleasure, Dressage, cross country and just about any other discipline.

If a professional is attempting to further advance the equine side of their thermography business, I would profess that it would be against their own best interest to post photos such as these on a blog, training presentation, open message board or any other area viewed by potential customers. While we as male home inspectors may laugh and shrug it off, to a block of potential female customers, it may very well seem inappropriate.

The ego is a strong and sometimes overwhelming force in affecting the processes that affect our daily decisions. In this instance, I would suggest that the ego take a step back and the photos be removed. While you may not see an increase in business by removing them, it is better than seeing a hit to your reputation that could remain for a long time.

The equine community is VERY political and word gets around very quickly. Save yourself some grief and remove the photos.

Personally I do not see the problem , As far as the picture goes it is not like a naked picture . what is the difference seeing this or watching the nightly news or U-Tube of a video of soldiers or Victims with blood and guts . there is to much to do about nothing . I have seen a lot worst Posted on this board as jokes and point attention getter .
I respect all the opinions of those who posted here and it is their own feelings on the matter . As far as getting sued that is a stretch .
Just my 2 cents worth