Lucky Lady

She was lucky that I parked my vehicle up in the driveway on the inspection this afternoon the bug man was not so lucky. I drive a Sherman Tank my rear bumper is schedule 80 pipe and is not very forgiving. I was walking across the front yard when this lady rammed the rear of this truck scared me to death and I an not scared of anything.

2220 W Broadway Enid 4-12-11 028.jpg

2220 W Broadway Enid 4-12-11 027.jpg

Looks like the bug man in the pic… I hope it was just his truck that was unlucky. That looks like a helluva impact, must have been noisy!

I wonder if a large traffic cone would have been effective in alerting the driver to the back of the bug man’s truck. Maybe food for thought for some of us. We’re often there grabbing one thing or another out of the back of our vehicles… and sometimes parked in less than ideal places.

The bug man was not in the truck at the time of impact and I don’t think bells and whistles would have helped the lady. Me thinks texting a cell phone had her full attention:roll::roll:

I hope she managed to finish that important text…

Man, glad everyone is alright!

Just wait until her insurance company pulls her cell phone records! Hope the bug guy has good coverage, he may need it.