Lugs on breakers

Haven’t seen this one before. Is this allowed?



Are those stranded conductors? If so that may be the best way to terminate them onto a binding screw.

As long as the lug is used within it’s listing it is fine.

Solid strand. How does someone determine the listing?

You would need to find the name of the product and some type of model number then compare that against the UL database also know as the UL White Book. Some of those terminals are listed for both solid and stranded conductors. Here’s a link to the 2011 White Book:[1]%20051011.pdf

Thanks for the info and link. Unfortunately, I don’t know the product or model number for the lugs. I’m sure they were from the '60s (like the rest of the electrical system). I’m going to recommend further evaluation.

The key issue of compliance to me would be if those connection terminals are listed for solid conductors. I can tell you this however, since you are doing a home inspection and there are no signs of deterioration (from heat and a poor connection) of the insulation on the conductors shown I would probably not flag this out as a large concern.

Here is some information regarding Sta-Kons from Thomas and Betts:

You can use both stranded or solid wire on our insulated rings and forks from #26AWG up to #10AWG, our non-insulated rings and forks from #22AWG up to #8AWG, and splices up to #10AWG. Our disconnects are for stranded wire only.

Thanks Paul. I did flag the lugs as requiring further evaluation, but in the general scheme of the electrical system in this house (1 main panel, 4 subs including a very old panel and an ancient FPE - all wired wrong, no grounding electrode conductor, and a few other choice defects) they really don’t amount to much LOL!

That a whole lot better than this home owner mess:D