Lumber in poured concrete foundation

Someone care to elaborate on this? Any concerns? Thanks in advance.

What was it’s purpose?

rot, not termites…as 2 its purpose, i was hoping someone could enlighten me, because I have no idea.

Should be investigated. May need to be dug out and the void filled.


Many foundation contractors place 2x4s between the form and the reinforcing steel to hold the steel in place while pouring. They should take them out as the concrete reaches the top of the form. Some times a laborer overlooks one or in the worst case doesn’t care.

Protection against decay and termites:

After all work is completed, loose wood and debris shall be completely removed from under the building and within 1 foot thereof. All wood forms and wood supports shall be completely removed. this includes, but is not limited to: wooden grade stakes, forms, contraction spacers, tub trap boxes, plumbing supports, bracing,shoring, forms or other cellulose-containing material placed in any location where such materials are not clearly visible and readily removable prior to completion of work. Wood shall not be stored in contact with the ground under any building

Someone should really teach that to the professional builder
It is very rare not to find scrap wood under a new home.


I just roll my eyes when a client asks why their beautiful lawn has patches of mushrooms growing in it.