Does anyone do luminosity regularly and do you think it is worth it and have you noticed any changes? I would do it if it were free but I know they charge so that is an issue with my current income. I would like all 3 of us in the Meeker family to do it but that would cost a lot and I would like to hear from folks who have been doing it for a while before we try pay for it. The science behind it seems solid but i DO NOT KNOW OF ANYONE WITH EXPERIENCE WITH IT. i KNOW i COULD BENEFIT FROM BEING QUICKER AND MORE EFFICIENT IN THE BRAIN DEPARTMENT AND IT WOULD LIKELY HELP THE TWO STUDENTS IN THE FAMILY AS WELL. aNY COUPON CODES? See I cannot even type without looking at the keyboard Anyone ever watch Brain Hacks it is cool and good for you t.v… Maelee and I like watching it to help us have a mental edge on others

Hey Nick,

How about doing you thing to get us members a discount?

Just do one inspection a year per member of your family to pay for it. :mrgreen::wink:


I thought you were going away.

Maybe his account got “hacked”. Common excuse for crazy talk. :wink:

…or maybe he gets all of his work from the message board instead of marketing himself to his potential clients.:wink:

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Save your money, play video games, any video games, all video games, way better for your brain than eating fish!

Try reading a book .
That is brain exercise…

Read a book…

A whole set of them…

Can usually pick up a full set at garage sales for $5.00!

I read a lot…Nachi Books :slight_smile:

Why not just do the free stuff/version? Works good enough for me. I do it all the time and I’ve noticed vast changes - I soon will be retiring from inspecting homes and starting an atom splitting company :cool: