LVL Splice not over column and more

Home built in 1996. This girder is under the staircase leading to 2nd floor. Basement slab not finished over footings after posts set. Pinned at top (OK). Splice is about 3 feet from column 3 nails both sides of joint and spaced about every 12 inches. Thoughts? There are no structural engineers in our area.

2016-03-02 13.00.40.jpg

2016-03-02 13.00.49.jpg

2016-03-02 13.00.58.jpg

It’s fine.

I’m curious what makes it fine? Looks like a combination of dimensional lumber and LVLs, splice not over the post, metal post is a screw jack not a lally column, and what is being supported above.

The staircase leading to the 2nd floor and part of a half bath, entryway to garage and back deck