M.H. w/sub but no main panel

Mega mobile home park in central Florida; circa mid 80’s. 1981 home with sub in bedroom, sub has 150 amp main breaker, neutrals and grouds separated. Only meter box on front exterior, no exterior main panel. No disconnect for SE cable from meter box to sub. Got to looking around and all other homes the same situation. Any thoughts, thanks.

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That kind of looks like a main panel to me…

Is the SE cable run on the outside of the structure?

No; it is routed down below grade (in PVC conduit) and then below home.

You have other issues as well.

That would then be a main. That is the way they are ran around here.

If it is the main; then, the neutrals and grounds should be bonded (they’re not); the problem is; without a main panel on the exterior; there is no breaker protection for the SE from the meter to the panel in the bedroom leaving an approximate 12 foot SE cable w/o breaker protection. I’ve done numerous mobiles and all (up to now) have an exterior main panel making the panel provided with the home, set up as a sub with N&Grds separated. Like I said previouly; this is a maga park and all other homes were set up the same way. Its not likely that all are wrong but I’m just not getting it.

There is no limit on the length of service entrance conductors that are routed outside of the structure.

As long as the service entrance conductors are outside they can remain unfused, even if 100 foot long. The SE needs to be as short as practical once they enter the building.

Thanks all; The SE is routed under the home and runs approximately 12 feet to the interior panel. , but my main concern is; if only a meter box on exterior, wouldn’t this make the interior panel the main w/ N& Grds bonded (they’re not) and the lack of breaker protection on the SE cable from the meter box to this interior panel.

Jim, I’m assuming the by outside, you’re including under the home, if this is the case; then, the SE only runs a few feet up to the interior panel which is close to the floor. But still, should this interior panel be considered the main?

The service disconnect for a typical Mobil home is at a utility post, usually in or near the driveway.

All panels on the MH are “sub panels,” even though they may contain a disconnect.

Not sure that applies here the meter is mounted right to the structure.

From the picture this looks and sounds like it is a service panel.

You could be correct. I was viewing this on my mobile app, so I didn’t see the meter base originally.

I know everyone is trying, some comments not clear as to whether the interior panel should be considered the main with N&G bonded. thanks

From Michigan, it appears to be the service disconnect where grounding and grounded contuctors would be bonded. However, I don’t know if the SE is as short as practical once they enter the home.

I know everyone is trying but some comments are unclear to me, shouldn’t the interior panel be considered the main with N&G bonded. thanks

Mike, the correct term is a service panel and several have said that this is what you appear to have.