M van Hook Sample 1

This is my sample system inspection required by my course. I chose the roofing system. Any input is welcome.

This structure has 3 roof sections. The roof on the entire structure is asphalt shingle over sheeting.

The main section is located over an attic on the second floor. This roof was not accessible due to its height. However, from the ground 2 photos indicate that this portion of the roof appears to be in acceptable condition.

The second section covers a wrap-around porch on the front of the structure. This roof appears to be in acceptable condition and matches the main roofing shingles. This section was also not accessible due to its height.

The third, or rear, section covers a single story portion of the structure on the rear of the main section. This roof has valleys, but otherwise appears to be in overall decent condition. There is (or has been) a leak in this roof as indicated by a hole in the laundry room ceiling (which would be referenced elsewhere should this have been a complete report).

Sheathing. Not sheeting.

Why would the area above the porch not be accessible? At least fromt the eaves, anyway.

Appears to be in acceptable condition. Do you really want to say that. What happens if it leaks with the next rain?

Ther is or has been a leak. Are you gonig to recommend seeking a service history form the seller. Can yoiu verify a repair. If not, it will need to be repaired.

What about those trees. They should be mentioned as needing trimming, as they will damage the shingles.

And your client will probably ask you why the sheating is wavy.What will you tell him>

Thank you for the input, especially the spelling correction.

The front porch roof was at least 15 ft off the ground, and I do not yet have an extension ladder. Even standing on the highest safe rung, I could not see it very well.

I said “appears” because I can not certify that is in good condition from the ground. Should the roof leak in a rain, I will quote myself when I said that it “Appears” to be in good condition. Also, an inspection of the attic area should disclose any leaks on the sheathing.

You are right in that I should have included comments about the tree in contact with the roof. Thank you!

If my client asks why the roof is wavy, I will refer them to a roofing professional. Since I am not a roofing professional, I do not know every reason why a roof can be wavy, its implication on the roof’s performance, or if any repair is necessary. (Good question!)

You said, “Ther is or has been a leak.” How do you know?

You also asked if I could verify any repair from the seller. The seller was not available at the time of inspection. But, should I ask that information of the sellers, or is that not the responsibility of the buyers / lender?

These responses are the inspire conversation and I hope it is received in that way. Thank you for your input!