MAB vs Nick


*Bottom line to all the naysayers:
It’s here.
It’s here to stay.
Might as well get on board.
I have a sneaking suspicion that this will lead to bigger and better things and benefits.

Just like that little renegade outfit,

Paid nachi member/vender

The biggest NACHI whore of them all.

Yes, it helps to understand what’s happening in our state.

guys im new… so new im a damn virgin… i have been following this sight for a year and i am about to join… is this a bad idea. do i not need an association to actually work? i was under the impression in Pa. i had to belong to an association and nachi seemed like the way to go compared to others, nick was very helpful. any way you guys have more experiance and apparently nothing to gain wheather i join or not… but this was my plan for almost a year… and now i am the point where i need all the facts… thanks for your input

I recommend that my Clients install several carboon monoxide alarms in their homes.

Sorry, Chuck. Couldn’t resist. Glad to see you’re doing well.

ART tells me that we had our first 2006 inquiry on August 17 about whether or not we belonged to CREIA. We don’t, explained why, told them about NACHI, and booked the inspection.

JayDee - give me a call anytime and I’ll give you my honest opinion (for the .02 it’s worth).


Most of us know Chuck is coming out of left field. What is your excuse this time? Are you off your meds again?

Maybe you just need a blanket party! :stuck_out_tongue:

To any reading this:

If you agree that NACHI is waste of time, then don’t waste your time here. Staying here under that pretense would be oxymoronic!

Does that describe you?

What did I miss – I thought Greg was going

He stepped down from Space Coast (his second chapter) and seems up set

What did I miss??

I really wish he would stay around - as a vendor - we need good vendors that spend big $$ at conventions, chapter meeting, tee shirts etc.



Eric can give you his 2 cents.

Call me if you need the true story for PA.

Eric thank you very much for all the help you provided me today! it was more than i have recived from any one so far and i will be coming on board with nachi! again thanks for everything! and Joseph its late here where i am tomarow some time i will give you a call cause i need all the info i can get and assistance for that matter too… thanks again to all the great memebers of nachi! (including Nick)

Jayson DeCandis

Sounds like Chuckee has been eatting to many mushrooms again. He just love Nachi so much he has to come back to the Nachi BBS to spread his ?? Welcome back Chuckee.:twisted: </IMG>

My pleasure, Jayson - and welcome aboard…

“We must all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.” ~ Ben Franklin ~

As discussed, I’ll check with my Pittsbugh area inspectors to see if we can get you a few ride-alongs (even tho’ it’s a long drive for you). Meantime, maybe some of the other PA NACHI members a little closer by will see fit to do the same.

P.S. You might want to have a look at and/or

Come on guys, check the dates of the posts. Almost 4 months since I posted this. I thought paying attention to details was important in our field.

Four months ought to be enough time to remove those pesky NACHI logos from your web site, don’tchya think?

Attention to detail, indeed. :wink:

How many remember the 8 tract tape player .

Well good old Chuck is just like the 8 tract player .

Same old tunes keep coming around again and again .

Roy Cooke

Okay Eric I’ll answer your question. Not sure why it’s so important to you. I don’t have sh$t to do with the web site. I can only tell someone to remove the logo and anything related to nachi. Problem is that it’s my brother in cali and I’m in Mich. Clicking on the logo says I’m not a member, and I’m turning down business, so the logo doesn’t mean crap in my world, but I’m working to get anything with nachi off of the site. All I can do is ask. It’s free and I get what I pay for I guess.

Whats great about nachi though is that I can get almost all the benefits and never join! I’m not sure who you are Eric or who you think you are but really,don’t you have anything better to do then question me? I guess not…

Oh and who ever this Roy guy is, isn’t canada still using 8 track? Track not tract.

For Joe or any other Nachi member that might be intrested in a tag along who is willing to buy breakfeast coffees and work for free my phone number would be 570-351-8218

Ps. Eric your right im proud to be politcally challenged!:mrgreen:

Thanks for the correction . Spell check does not know the difference .
I guess I have been in Construction and doing inspections longer then you are old and still do not mind be corrected and learning .
At least I pay for my use of the NACHI BB and enjoy the information and feel it is well worth the cost.
We have many others who do not pay but do add their knowledge and try to help many .
Then there are some who take what they can and enjoy trying to destroy what the rest.
. Incidentally Canada has a capital at the start like other countries.
Also Chuck there is a name for people who take and never give
" Whats great about nachi though is that I can get almost all the benefits and never join "

Roy Cooke

As usual, Chuck is full of it. His website has changed since leaving NACHI. as an example, I use to have Michigans Home Inspection Leader as my tag line until Chuck put the same thing on his site. I’m thinking Mark is right, Chucks eating the “srooms” again.


I wouldn’t say it’s a matter of “importance” so much as curiosity, Chuck. It just struck me as odd (and decidedly hypocritical) that someone so vehemently unhappy with NACHI would fly the organization’s colors on their web site. When you didn’t reply to my query on the other thread (Irish Football!!!!! - General Inspection Discussion - InterNACHI®️ Forum), I took it upon myself to ask again. This is, after all, a public forum, yes?

Nothing personal, I assure you. Truth be told, I couldn’t care less how you feel about NACHI (or anything else for that matter), one way of the other. I’m confident the feeling is quite mutual. Be that as it may, I do appreciate the courtesy of your reply. It’s an interesting explanation, to say the least.

Me? Hell, I’m nobody special, Chuck. Just an average guy trying to put food on my family’s table… a lot like you, I’m guessing. But let’s remember that I didn’t waltz in here openly insulting people with terms like “F you,” “Josephine” and “NACHI puke…” you did. That, IMHO, gives me the moral high ground to question your character, not the other way around.

I wish you health, wealth & happiness, Chuck… and ample time to enjoy them.