Mad Max: Fury Road

Wife and I did dinner and a movie last night and the movie became 2 hours of non-stop crazy action with monster cars and trucks, explosions, drums and general cacophony.

Gotta love the guitar player whose name is Coma-Doof Warrior.

See it!

Did you see the 3D version?

Nope, went to the 2D, I read you could make out details better.

I saw it at the Alamo Draft House (dinner theater) yesterday with my wife. If you liked the first one, you will definitely like this one. Not really anything much new to the plot itself, but the vehicles and action in the chase scenes were crazy imaginative and elaborate. I thought it was great.

Apparently everyone booked tix online because we wound up in the second row center. It was definitely an immersive experience from there.

Saw it last night as well. Crazy action and the truck with the drummers and lead guitar player was amazing.
I liked how they got the fresh milk supply… Lol.

Yes you gotta see these in 3d,cost $38. 50 for 2 seats however.
I think the woman was tougher than Max.

Mad Max