Magic Marker not so permanent

I have 2 cases of the “Now That You’ve Had A Home Inspection” books. I’d like to place some of them in Realtor offices, but am having a pickle of a time writing anything on the cover such as “OFFICE COPY ect…” that does not run right off. I have been using a permanent marker. Suggestions would be welcome!

Does your marker say “audio visual” or “dry erase”? I’m kidding with you. Shapie is my go to brand

I’ll try that. Thanks Mike

Print a nice OFFICIAL looking Label from Avery or something Peel and Stick That will stay. Or you can hand write as nick suggests on the label :slight_smile:

Now if that does not get me in the running for the $100 bucks I just give up.

Never even been mentioned after receiving so many many calls from InterNACHI inspectors :roll:

I’m just teasing you all I am beyond used to being the Black Sheep of the Family :smiley: Kind of actually makes me
proud :wink:


Maybe you ought to have a blank easily writable spot on the front?

I already have my printer make business card replica stickers and put them on the front in the rectangle provided.

For those who don’t understand what this thread is about:

I was in home depot TODAY and saw a 2 pack of big markers that apparently write on anything and have a hard hat clip also for $3.97 Maybe they would work better. I’ll see if I can find a link. They were by a drill display maybe makita?

Damn i’m good :slight_smile: Milwaukee NOT makita :frowning: But here it is anyhow. do not buy at link cause home depot is 1/2 :slight_smile:

Come on $100…,default,pd.html?start=4&q=marker

Mike you are a ham

LOL…I wondered how one might report on that.:stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the link Michael. I think the issue is, will these markers write on highly glossed book covers without smearing? It does say they will write on rough surfaces such as OSB. The link Nick put in above has a suggestion that includes handwriting on the cover…I do have stickers.

When I read the package it said oily and wet also. It is likely worth the 4 bucks to try and they dry quick apparently :slight_smile:

Let us know.

Yes Pete I’m Salty :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’ll pick them up and try them…Thanks.

A sharpie will do the trick. I have done it on many .
I write on them this…

I’ve never seen the Now book. How to buy a copy without buying a whole case? Doesn’t seem to be an option anywhere to do that.


Ask Nick for one.

I have a sharpie and it smeared all over. Do you have the 9th edition?

You have to give it time to dry!

Go the the Outlet and enter the code InterNachi to get 5% off.

Yes, Roy that might help. It would probably be somewhat legible. Just not what I was expecting.

Strange ! Are you using the black sharpie permanent markers?