Magic plumbing

A little fun from yesterday.

We don’t need no stinkin’ waste stack vents

Could make for one smelly attic…

Someone once said its less than professional to have your feet in the Pic;-):wink:

use of the hallux to point at the issue saves time adding arrow(s), his aim was off ;~))

What I can’t believe is you actually did an inspection, Mike—:stuck_out_tongue:

Catch you at the Contest Winner committee luncheon…:stuck_out_tongue:

Wow he did a Inspection . Nice catch

One foot is not enough proof. His “little fun” was probably google searching plumbing vents. :smiley:

Well you know it was a small shoe and you know what they say about shoe size lol

Small shoe, High IQ ??? (it even rhymes):stuck_out_tongue:

(Hey, someone had to stand up for the guy):wink:

Yuk yuk fellas :wink:

Thanks Jeff