Magnet for electrical panels

Does any one have one of these?
Is it stupid? Or should I try to buy one?

Be my luck, I’d forget to put the cover on in and accidentally stick it to my laptop… :shock:

I like it though, and think it would be pretty handy. :slight_smile: :cool:

Nifty, what a great idea, pratical, useful, the price is right!

I don’t want anything that could pull my hand into the panel. Dangerous in my opinion! Get a suction cup for installing glass instead.

How can it pull your hand in when the magnet is only on the panel cover, and the magnetis is insulated?

I just wouldn’t want a magnet near one, I’m too clumsy. I’ve been hurt so many times, the first thought I have is can it hurt me?

Another great use for a strong Magnet is 100 feet of Rope and go down to the locks where the boats go from one body of water to another .
Tie the Magnet to the Rope Throw it out in the Chamber and walk along pulling the magnet.
I know people who have got rod and reels and many other thing from Pots to dead cell phones .
Buy two and take the kids pack a lunch great way to spend a Sunday.
Most coins can be picked up with a magnet .

PS. Tie a plastic bottle to the other end so when they let the rope go you can get it back.