Magnetic locator

I am looking for a late model, used Fisher FP 2100 magnetic locator or similar unit by another manufacturer. (I checked the usual sites including ebay)
David verge

What is that?
Can’t find anything on that unit.
My Geologist has a GEMS unit that may be for sale. It finds magnetic signature changes in the earth. Is that what you need?

The unit is used by surveyors to locate property boundary pins, and is also used to locate ferrous only material that has been buried deeply.
They are quite expensive, hence my search for a used one
David Verge

Wouldn’t a metal detector serve the same purpose? Might have better luck with that on ebay.

Sorry for the delay in responding, I was doing an industrial inspection out of town----took a few days.

Ordinary metal detectors will pick up all metalic objects, and the ground penetration isn’t very deep. The instrument I am looking for will only respond to iron/steel objects and will penetrate ground to a depth of 16 feet. Buried oli tanks for example are typicallu 6-10 feet underground and this instrument will respond easily to that depth.

David, My Geologist has a GEMS unit (Geomagnetic scanner). I don’t think he is using this unit. It is about 2 yrs old. I have used it and it has very deep penetration. Gives you a 3D graphical that you can rotate and filter. He located a buried horse on my property that had one Alu shoe and brass fittings on a halter. This device detects that magnetic variance of the soil if disturbed. Will detect rebar in in concrete ect…

You are talking $4- $5k right?

Send me you email and I will send you some scans we took with it.
I will pass your email to the owner and you guys can discuss it.

I can see why you would need something more specific for this use, but for property boundry pins… they should not be 6 feet deep.:mrgreen: