Finally got new magnet signs for new ride. Saving stick on decals for enclosed trailer.

Looking good!, I got truck magnets and that alone has actually gotten me work. “I saw your truck and…”

Thanks Mike !

      Now have to find a way to get a new covered trailer in the yard, without other half seeing it. Now were did i put that camouflaged netting ?

Tastefully done. Clean. I like it.

Thank you Nick !

If that is a Yankee hat your wearing ya need to ditch it dress like your in Bama Nice truck though:p:D

My irish heritage supersedes bama…

You not gona cut it:p specially after those Irish dudes beats up on Bama:shock:

Glad for you I expect you will get business from your truck signs.
We sure did from our’s

Your right, irish all the way…love it here in bama, but not a native. HINT !

Thanks Mr Cooke