Magnificent old house, this morning

I inspected my 2nd George Mahar, Prairie style house, this morning. Seems like I am being recommended as some sort of expert. Go figure.

One cool thing. The roof was cement tile with a ridge vent. Seems that the roofer knew how to keep the original style and material. In the attic, at the ridgeline, there were two adjacent ridgeboard. The vent was open (saw light) but under the ridge was a semi-circular gutter type arrangment. It drained, to the sides, to multiple pipes that went to the drain stacks. Looks like a drainage system for any water that would enter the ridge vent. Was in very good condition. The house was built in 1923.

Other cool stuff, like triple hung windows (upper and two lower sashes), original concrete stucco, in great shape, and all the original tile and hardwood floors.

It had been remodeled, but the previous owners, while using new materials and fixtures, kept the style.

Very few defects. Plumbing and electric was recently upgraded (copper and 200 amp service complete with AFCI protection). Also Space-Paks installed for A/C.

Gotta love this job, at least at times. :mrgreen:

Looks very nice Will. I like the landscape and the style. :slight_smile: