Main Breaker Size

I could not find the amin breaker. Could someone please tell tell what the size would be from the mains in the pic


IMG_0092 (Small).JPG

IMG_0092 (Small).JPG

I can’t see any mains. All I see is what looks like a 200 amp stainless steel meter base.

Is that thing actually stainless???


I would NOT guess at it…while it looks the size of a 200A meter can…I would say NOTHING of the sort unless I found the Main Breaker…and their HAS to be one…either at the POINT of enterance…or atleast a disconnect should be their…SOMETHING…but never by just the meter can size…

Ok thanks

Shore is a purdy meter can. . .

Yep…they are TOO tight around here to go for the Stainless Ones…:slight_smile:

They must have SOME acid rain problem!

There may not be a main breaker. One isn’t required if < 6 throws. My state doesn’t require me to report on a main breaker presence–it requires me to report the service amperage.

BUT their HAS to be a PANEL…and the statement was…and I quote:

“I could not find the amin breaker”

Not that I found the breakers…but could not find a main…

P.S. I know that rule…:)…and regardless…to be ABLE to properly REPORT my friend on the service amperage…you need all the factors…simply assuming it is under the 6 or less rule is assuming…not enough to assume that from the statement…that they could not find the main breaker.

I bet it is aluminum. That is what they look like before the weather gets to them. When I did my service upgrade FPL gave me a shiny one like that fresh out of a big case of them. It is still fairly shiny but you can’t see your face in it anymore.

yeah…all the ones we have are the grey coated ones…glad I CAN’T see MY face in em…:slight_smile:

Paul, you said there had to be a main breaker, in an earlier post. I think the author of the thread meant that he couldn’t find a main panel. But for the sake of the uninformed, I replied as I did (that a main “breaker” is not required). Certainly, a main panel should be located in order to properly perform the inspection.

Once I almost gave up looking and finally located the main panel inside the house behind a piece of furniture, on the wall.

lol…yeah I found one in a house behind a 250 pound oriental rug they hung on the wall…lol…But I knew that enclosure was their because the meter was on the outside wall…

Yeppers…but to the question at hand…Carl would need to post more information…and IF he found the panel at all…regardless of the main breakers and such…OH…on a 6 and less…they are all main breakers ( for the circuits they protect )…thehehehe…if we gotta be technical about it…:wink:

lol…HAS to be…as in their HAS to be something other than JUST a meter can on the wall…lol