main Breaker

Hi to all HI,
I did a home Insp. this week and upon insp. the main panel i notice a screw in between the main breaker, like if it was holding the breaker in place. i called it a safety hazard. i told the client that he needs to get a license elect. to insp. any help on this is appreciated. thanx !!
And a Happy new year to all !!
:roll: Victor Rivera

Do you have a picture?

It could be a backfed breaker.

Unforn. no i dont , sorry guys!!! :neutral:

Try this THREAD

:smiley: Thank you M. L.
thats exactly what it looks like, thank you so very much.!! :cool:

Glad it was helpful.

Take and post some pics next time so we can help even faster.:smiley: