Main disconect, Main and subpanel

If I have entrance conductors, meter, main breaker and box rated at 200 amp. and a subpanel(box rated for 100 Amp) (interior lights) in the house es feeded from the main through a dual 80 A breaker with its correspondant wiring shall I report 200 Amps as the amperage service for this house?

Sounds like it. I don’t get the lights being protected with an 80A breaker though.

The dual 80 A breaker is in the main, feeding from here into the subpanel inside of the house where all branch circuits (20,30 A’s) breakers are. In other words, the interior lights subpanel is feeded through a 80A breaker and wires.

Gotcha… It’s still a 200 Amp service (Everything up through the Main). If they wanted to add additional circuits they could by adding an additional 100Amp sub panel. For all practical purposes though it sounds like they are only are utilizing 80 AMPS. For modern usage they will likely need to add additional circuits for such things as: big screen TV’s, computers, jacuzzi, etc.

Thanks Mark for your response.