Main House / Guest House Panels

4500sf Main House … 20’ to 30’ from house is a pool, heater and other equipment

Then about 50’ on other side of pool is a detached guest house (with 2 bedroom, 2 bath, kitchen, 7 car garage, etc)

Only 1 electric meter for everything. Guest House has a 100amp panel fed from main house panel (200 amp). And another 100amp sub-panel at main house.

Outside house is a back up generator with 65 amp breaker for it.

A detached barn or garage YES, but can you run another house off the main house panel.

You can run the guest house from the main house but the only way to know for sure if the 200 amp service is large enough is to do a load calculation. Are the appliances, HWH, and heat gas?


I would agree with Robert, as long as gas is doing most of the heavy lifting and the grounding and bonding at the various panels is correct I would say it is fine. If no gas is present I would then strongly recommend a licensed electrician do a load calculation.