Main house trap NO vent pipe

New town house has main house trap but the air vent pipe is not installed as usually seen next to the trap. Builder says it a new plumbing code that the use of a vent pipe that exits the roof is sufficient for the trap.
Completely new one for me and I tried looking it up in Plumbing Code of 2012 - not sure what most recent one is nor what this builder s plumber is working from. Anyone hear of this change anf if could direct me to the new change for my own knowledge, and to ensure he aint pulling my leg. TY

Ask him to email a copy to you…:smiley:

After quite a bit of looking at NY state plumbing code , I cant find any chamge in requiring a Fresh Air Intake for the house trap. So Yes, I stated in report exactly what is observed and what builder said and have documentation provides with code change.
I still wanna find it though - IF it exists.