Main Line vs. Supply Line Reporting Details


I have a question that may sound a little rediculous, however, I need to ask it. In my reporting software there is a section for the “Main Line & Valve Condition” and another for the “Supply Line Condition”. My question is if I’m describing issues with the water pump being excessively rusted. Which of these two sections would it technically apply to? Also, there is reference to the the valve condition under the “Main Line & Valve Condition” section. Is this actually referring to a main shut-off valve? If so, that is actually located on the supply line after the bladder tank.

Please advise,


It sounds like you still need to do some work on your software. If it’s confusing to you, just imagine how it looks to the client.

The “main line” can be considered everything leading up to the residence. Supply piping is everything within the residence.

You should edit your software and not rely on the “canned” narratives.

Actually, I plan on using my own writing for the narratives, even though I’ve been studying some of the canned narratives that I’ve pulled off of one of the message boards just to get a feel for the language used in reports. I do a lot of technical writing for my day job as it is. Problem I found was that not only the software that I purchased had subsections like the ones that I mentioned, I found this to be true in several of the programs I sampled. I sort of thought that what you came back with was the case, however, I had to ask the question anyhow. I’m going to adjust my default report.