Main on pole, Distribution in home?

Saw a home today and the service panel was at the meter on a pole. 200 Amp panel, 2/0 CU The two conductors out the bottom into smaller conduit fed the outbuildings.

The 200 Amp main breaker went to the house.

In the house, another 200 Amp panel, 3 wire feed, neutrals (grounded) and grounding mixed under the same terminal screw, and bonded.

The two panels are 50+ feet apart and were not connected by fence, etc.

To my tired train of thought,

  • the interior panel needs a separate bus bar for grounding conductors
  • remove bonding strap

What type of conduit were the feeders run through - metallic or non-metallic?

Was the building/structure equipped with a grounding electrode?

I just noticed this duplicate.

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