Main panel question, pic included

Should the main panel have written next to each breaker the item that it
supports in the house ? This one did not have any description of what each
breaker covered in the house…

Yes, at least there should be some kind of directory in there that tells you which breaker does what. It could be a label on each breaker or simply a list on the door.
It is interesting that this panel doesn’t seem to have a pocket or label on the door for the directory. My SqD has a pocket with a clear plastic cover and comes with the blank directory card.

Pockets are typically only found on commercial/industrial panel covers.

For higher end jobs I use a spread sheet program to make directories and I bought those sticky back clear pockets at Staples.

Some yahoo put both the Spanish and English stickers on this panel. There is no room for a directory.
In a case like this I’d use my Brother…labeler that is. :mrgreen: