Main panel screw up

One of my customers had a main panel upgrade from 100 amp to 200amp. The electrician tried to do it live. In the process the neutral came in contact with the hot leg and fried some components in the house, Such as electric piano,microwave, fridge, etc. The electrician did go good on most of the damaged components and now whats him to sign off on any other things that might happen in the future. What would you do, could there be more damage that might cause future problems could the hose be unsafe ???

Did he bother to pull a permit?

Something smells.

I would not get involved . I bet there was no permit for this work .
Gee I would say I have no idea what work he has done and how he did it sorry .

Yes he did pull a permit. It wasn’t what I would call a fly by night electrician I think he might of been trying to save money and time. Dose anyone think that the house could be unsafe ??

Yes, it smells like fried piano, fridge etc. :wink:

He was obviously taking a shortcut. In this case it cost him big time.

If I were the owner I would hire a reputable electrician. I would have the new electrician megger all conductors. I would also test all electronics to make sure there is no issue with any of them.

I sure home the original electrician increased all components related to the upgrade from 100 to 200 amps.