Main panel while raining

Is it a safety hazard to remove the main service panel while it is raining?

Depends on your ability.
I would remove the cover in a light rain Heavy rain wait till it slows down .

Like Roy said, but
Tic it first .
If nothing else backhand it.

Unless its outside what has rain to do with the price of apples??? are we searching for a reason not not remove the cover.

My motto has always been look for a reason to do something not for a reason not to do it. That way your report won’t be full of disclaimers why something was not performed, but I am a odd duck anyway just me

I do not know why I stay around and read this message board. Lack of common sense abounds.


You’re joking right?


I’m with you CB

I’m sure there is a “safe practices for home inspectors” course here at NACHI somewhere.

Recommend you hit the books, not the message board!

Only if the MSP is outside! :|.)