Main Panel Wiring

Does anybody see what is wrong with this main panel? Note: Main feed is overhead.

I hoped I would get somebody to respond and verify what I saw in the box. Any feedback for the electrical guys?

What did you see?

It appeared to me that the neutral from the overhead feed was not connected. There appeared to be a prior underground feed that was disconnected and the neutral was not swapped over.

There is a disconnected conductor. I can’t tell you what it was for.
There’s a double tapped breaker.
There is an improperly identified conductor.
None of the breakers are fastened in place, so I don’t know which is the service disconnect.
I can’t tell if there are conductors attached to the main lugs, so it may be that the entire panel is the service disconnect.

Help us to help you. Give us more information and ask the question(s) you want answered. If you have additional photos. post them.

I was going to comment on the hole that looks like it was cut with a grinder in the end of the panel.

It looks like the original feed was underground. The neutral was still connected but the load lines were disconnected. The overhead load lines were connected but not the neutral. I could not find where the underground wires originated.
I wrote it up as requiring an electrical to evaluate and repair.

What I see is the meter enclosure on top and a MLO panel with 5 service disconnects. I would guess the neutral from the meter enclosure is connected by a piece of bus not a single conductor, can’t really tell. You need a better photo(s). When enlarging this one to look for the details everything is blurry.