Main Plumbing Line to Home / Extra Hose Bib (Bonded)

I was given these photos of a plumbing supply line / shutoff for a single family home in Mesa, Az. I can’t tell why there is a lone hose bid line right above the main line, which has a hose bib. The lone line is the one that is bonded??? Wish I had more info. Any ideas about why this is and what this configuration may be for? My only goes is its a discharge line for a soft water loop (maybe for cleaning?) but shouldn’t the bonding be on the main line?

The bonding should be done within 5’ of the water line entrance to the home. Do you know if this was the only grounding electrode? If there was also a grounding rod, I probably wouldnt make a big deal about it.
That extra hose bib may be fed from the softener, so that they can have a bib for city water, and another one for soft water. It would not be used as a discharge for the softener, because it wouldn’t have a valve on it if that were the case.

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It doesn’t make a difference why it was ran that way as long as all of the fixtures have the required water supply. Any guess on why the plumber configured it this way is just that only a guess.