Main SEC & lug attachment

How would you report the following pertaing to the main SEC?

(See Photo)


The microwave is wired to the junction box in the cabinet. Again how would you report on the wiring.

113008 043 (Small).jpg

113008 043 (Small).jpg

113008 021 (Small).jpg

I see broken strands in the second photo. So you might want to defer this for further analysis, and repair as necessary, by a qualified electrician.

As for the microwave, it appears the appliance cord has been ‘modified’ which is once again beyond your HI’s ability to verify. Electrician time.



Why is there a SER running (4 wire) to the service disconnect? Is this a load side panel (upstream disconnect)? If so there may be bigger issues than the improper lug. Maybe a “defer” is in order

Evidence of unprofessional or unconventional workmanship, which may be unsafe or a fire hazard. Call for repair not just evaluation. We don’t need to analyze it any more than that.