Main Service cable

I was inspecting a townhouse the other day. The meters for the 4 units were located between unit #2 and #3. I was inspecting unit #2. The main electrical feed for unit #1 was running through the basement of unit #2. Is this allowed?

I see no reason why not.

Did it have overcurrent protection? If so there should be no issue. With OCP ahead of the cable this would be a feeder, not a service cable.

Service cable would require a means of disconnect as soon as practical once the cable entered the structure.

“Service conductors” (as your thread title suggests) cannot pass through one structure to feed another.

As Jim posted, “feeders” (as your post represents) are allowed, so long as they’re provided with overcurrent protection.

Thanks Jeff I was hoping you would hop in on this one as we have lost Paul. We have the same requirement here too!:smiley: