Main service disconnect/panel question

Having a hard time posting pic, but anyway… Do the grounds & neutrals need to be tied together at the main service disconnect? or on the same neutral bus bar?
The neutrals were separated on the main panel neutral bus bars (which were bonded w/green screw) and the grounds were on separate bus bars (which were also bonded to the panel) attached to the panel.

Thanks in advance.

As long as both are bonded to the enclosure at the service panel, it has been done properly. When they are both bonded to the enclosure, they ARE tied together.

Thanks for the confirmation, Jeff.

They don’t need to be on the same bar in a service panel. Typically in a service panel they will be because it would cost extra to add an auxillary ground buss.

Any panel besides a service panel would require the grounded and grounding to be isolated from each other.

Your installation is fine as long as the panel contains the service disconnecting means and that there are no neutrals connected to the equipment grounding bus which would cause neutral current to flow on the enclosure.

I think we’re talking service equipment with the service disconnect…