Main Service Panel

Attached is a photo of a 200A Main Service Panel in a home that I inspected as part of my field work while gaining my NYS license. The incoming service was the correct copper wire size. It looked to be done professionally. The issued that I saw were probably done by the home owner after the new 200A service was completed. Some of the issues that I found were stripping back too much insulation when attaching the hot leg to the breaker. Another issue was the use of a white wire as a hot leg with no black tape to show that is was a hot leg. A series of different type breakers were used, twin breakers were installed for no reason, there was doubling tapping, and only certain breakers were labeled. I have a background in electrical work due to my working for a utility all of my life, but if this owner went through the cost of doing the new service, they should have had the electrician finish the job correctly.