Main shut off illustrations needed.

Would anyone have any illistrations of a main gas meter showing the shutoff, main water meter shutoff(cold climate) and main electrical shutoffs for both breaker and pull out cartridge fuses.

I have a sheet that I include in my report packages but it is a copy of a copy and doesnt look very good I am trying to create my own.


Sorry David I do not have one, I would think you could possibly purchase one from Inspector Depot . . . or try googling, you never know what you might find elsewhere on the internet . . . good luck.

I have the Inspector Depot & Illustrated Home but neither one has the illustrations I was looking for.

Mr. Fix It has the ones I like but his CD is about $175.

Thanks for responding.

David, sure hope some can help you out . . . just a thought you may be able to scan it the original and then clean it up and then place the illustration in your reporting software or word document. If you need help drop me an e-mail with the illustration and I’ll try and clean it up for you and send it back . . . let me know if I can help.

Did you do a google search and look at the images that are available there?

I bet David Valley might have something, or he could make it.

Yes I googled and found a decent image of a gas shut off. I had to pay a few dollars and the site I found was not user friendly.

Here are a couple different gas valves :roll:



Thanks for the laugh!!

David, this help?**http%3A//


Tried this awhile ago and did not work,

David, does this help?

Marcel :slight_smile:


Thanks for the photo. Yes it does help.

I just take pictures of the actual shutoffs and insert them into the report. Takes some extra time during the report, but worth the effort. I use Word for the report editor, so it’s easy to do. I guess with some of the other report softwares, it may not be so easy to do.