Main water supply to house

This house in central FL was built in 1969, but recently renovated. This is the main water supply from the meter, leading into the house - braided 3/4" flexible… I have never seen this - seller states the plumber who installed it says this is the new standard?
Has anyone seen this application? Can’t find anything that says this is not allowed.

I’ve never seen it done exactly like that either.

LOL! Of course he said that. He wanted to be paid.

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New standard vs weed eater, I wonder which one will last longer!

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can’t wait until the kids in the neighborhood discover this and turn it off to mess with the owner

Was the plumber’s name Cousin Bobby?

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It couldn’t have been like that before the renovation since 69. It must have had another entry to the building under the slab somewhere. Wouldn’t you think?

Around here, it’s common for the main shutoff to be outside the house. I usually see copper or newer use of CPVC for the main, never seen the braided. Not sure if this would be more or less secure against a weed eater than CPVC would be…

Well, they are SS braided, but I don’t think they are made or designed for direct burial. LOL

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Cuz’n Bubba

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…and his side kick…ferret…

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like the English say somebody’s taking the piss

I was looking for CPVC which is most common here in Florida. If it’s not Copper or Galv. Then it’s CPVC or Pex and will not pass without a pressure relief valve here.
Here’s one with pex, and I know about the UV it was wrapped after. This was Orlando and right before inspection, central Florida. That up there would never fly.

Did the buyer have it evaluated by a licensed plumber for a second opinion? cuz I sure as heck would have requested further evaluation of a buried braided pipe

That’s for sure. That braided line looks like a short water heater flex connector with a Push-Fit built in.

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Your main water supply line enters your home at ground level or below. In warm weather zones, the line usually sticks up out of the ground just outside the home and then enters the side of the house

Exactly, Code inspector just driving the neighborhood would flag it and make them fix it here in Florida.

The question should not be you can’t find anything that says this isn’t allowed. The question is are these approved materials for underground installation. Shark bite fittings are not the standard or approved anywhere. Does Home Depot sell plumbing parts that are not approved, absolutely. Shark bite flexible connector are definitely never used underground. These materials are designed to be a temporary fix until a licensed plumbing contractor can make the proper repairs.

Please cite source(s) for this, thank you.

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