Main wire verification

Panel has 100 amp main but the main service wires appear to be 60 Amp.

Can you tell from the pics if the service wires are 60 amps?

House was built in 1955. Those are the original and appears that the electrician didnt update the main wires.

I attached the sub panel just for your viewing pleasure. It took my 10 minutes to remove the rusted screw. Harry home owner special.



The cloth and rubber (if that’s what it is) covered wires should be replaced regardless of their capacity. It’s difficult to tell what size they actually are.

The third picture is a Federal Pacific panel board. Enough said there.

For a 100A service, #4 Cu service feeder wires would be required (may be close). However, the condition of the service feeders does seem to be questionable, but may be functional.

There also needs to be retainer clips on that 100A main breaker/disconnect as it’s a “backfed” service panel, so the main breaker can’t come out of the panel still live (don’t really see that retainer clip, but maybe I need glasses … lol).

JMO & 2-nickels … :wink: