Main wires separately ran to sub

New construction. Wires can’t be separately ran to sub in the wall and through attic without conduit or sheathing, correct? TIA.

Wow that’s the worst hack work I’ve seen here in quite some time. You’ve answered your own question. :slightly_smiling_face:

You are correct. Wrong. They didn’t even protect the wires through the KO. Check everything on the electrical side really carefully.

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Oh come on, the house is new and was inspected to be up to code by an electrical inspector!

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It’s in Ohio… … …

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Total hack work, especially for a new house and not DIY.

That was a new house!!??? WOW!! :flushed:

And didn’t even need to remove panel cover.


Mike’s having a heart attack…

There is some % chance that the idiot who signed off on this is that Mike guy. I hope for his sake it isn’t, but it could be.


Really there is no imminent threat so it is all good IIRC. Only imminent threat can be called out. Since there is no glow we are good to go.

Above is all in jest, spoken in an Ohio accent.

It looks like work done by a practitioner’s assistant, there are many violations, it should be referred to a licensed electrician.

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