Maintenance Inspections Only?

I just got my CPI and it’s looking like I won’t be able to commit to starting my own inspection business or work for a firm right now. But I do want to try something different. I enjoyed my mock inspections because I was able to point out potential problems for my family and friends. Can I do this for other people? Offer Home Maintenance inspections to people without getting involved in the real estate aspect? Are there any ethic/legal/liability implications in offering a less formal inspection to people who don’t plan on moving but just want to know the state of their home? In particular, I’m thinking senior citizens, disabled people, and single moms—people who don’t know what to look for or can’t physically do it themselves. Do I need a license and insurance for this if it’s not part of a real estate transaction? I’m in TN.

I could do this for them for a reasonable fee and give them advice on what they should have looked at by a pro (or their son-in-law or something). It wouldn’t be as exhaustive as a typical home inspection. I would make it clear it’s not a formal inspection report.
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Sounds to me like it would still be a home inspection and in TN we need a license. Doesn’t matter if it’s for a real estate transaction or not, or if it’s exhaustive. If you’re charging for an inspection, you need a license.


Good to know. Thank you, David.

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