Maintenance Inspections

For the folks who may not be doing the amount of home inspections they would like, may I suggest trying commercial maintenance inspections.

There is very good money to be made if you make the right contacts.

Commercial building roof inspections are one of the best money makers I have come across in a while, and their simple.

Most owners forget a roof exists until interior moisture is found.

What I did to start getting this business to begin with is do a few large buildings real cheap, to get some real good pictures of deficiencies, and just about complete failures from age and lack of maintenance. I took those pictures and printed mini-reports to pass out to perspective clients, franchise restaurants, convenience stores, strip-mall owners, commercial real estate offices, etc.

Most commercial building owners have more than one property, and know other people who also have commercial buildings. Once you do a few the referrals keep coming, it is very easy to make an extra $25,000.00 a year just doing simple roof inspections with a lot of pictures and recommendations for repairs with simple preventative maintenance tips.

Sounds like a winner.

What do you charge per s/ft of roof ?

Can you give us a link to a sample report?


Sure Jack, here is a simple one I did last week, can make more money in an hour than if you inspected two entire home here.

Go to username is roof, password is fencevent


That’s a nice report,and the money is good to!! Thanks for giving us {me} some ideas.